Natural Building Workshops

At Bamboo School Costa Rica, we offer workshops on natural building with highly relevant information to help you transform your lives and help you realize your dreams and projects.

Cultivate a whole new set of skills building with your own hands and connecting with nature while you discover new horizons in human capacity and adaptability.

In our workshops we share with you practical information resulting from over 35 years of experience of Rodolfo Saenz.

We live promoting a new culture where we understand our intrinsic relation between human and nature and that with action and purpose we can heal and regenerate the harm that has been given to Mother Nature.

Join our family of conscious builders and let’s help this world with less concrete and more natural constructions, and to give more space to nature by using natural and renewable materials abundant in nature.

Response to "Natural Building Workshops"

  • Hi!

    How are you? I’m writing about your Natural Building course that starts on January 27th. I was wondering if you have any space left?

    If so, could you also let me know how many students you have booked and how many total are allowed int he class? I’m still deciding my plans so it would be handy to know how many spaces are left so I can see how long I have to think about it.

    I’ll be finishing up a timber framing course at Rancho Mastatal on January 25th and I’ll likely travel from there to you the following day. It looks like you’re close to them… is it fairly easy to get between the places with public transportation?


  • Hi
    I stay actually in the ecovilla close to Atenas and Sophie tell me about your session to learn about bamboo and Adobe.
    I could be interested by the session who start on monday 27th of january if you still have some place available !
    The session will be in english or spanish ?
    Thank you for your reply

    • Hi Aurore, we do still have space if you could still make it. I will reach to you by email.
      The lessons are given in Englisn and Spanish according to the need of the students.

  • Do you have openings for the March workshop? I don’t see where to register or cost besides the lodging. I want to come and if there is still space open I would like to book a flight as soon as possible Thank you

    • Hi Martha, I will respond to you by email with more details. In regards to the prices you see, they include the lodging, the workshop plus all meals for as long as the workshop lasts.